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    The Microbiome: Collection Matters

    By Cathie Miller, Ph.D. Aug 22, 2018
    Why Study the Microbiome? The Microbiome has a growing importance in general health, and even more significantly, there is a growing understanding regarding the impact that an individual’s microbiome has on contributing to the cause of disease, influencing disease severity, and affecting a person’s response to medication and treatment. For example, it is now known that an individual’s microbiome affects their ability to manage their weight, is implicated in the development of arthritis, and has a role in various neuropsychiatric illnesses such as autism, schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Furthermore, by comparing patients with the same disease, it has been shown that an individual’s microbiome affects the disease severity of autoimmune disorders, asthma, and infections. Perhaps even more interesting and more relevant is that an individual’s microbiome affects their response to medication including vaccination, through effects on metabolism, efficacy, and toxicity. Read More >

    How Tissue Fixation Affects Your Downstream Analysis

    By Cathie Miller, Ph.D. Aug 14, 2018
    Biospecimens are commonly used in research, from the bench through to late phase clinical trials. Understanding how pre-analytical deviations in collection, processing, and storage are critical to downstream applications and data analysis. In this post, our Director of Product Marketing for Disease State Products, Cathie Miller, Ph.D., interviewed Jason Adams, BS HTL (ASCP), BioIVT’s lead histologist to better understand how processing occurs and how it can affect the specimens. Read More >

    AACR 2018 – Hot Topics

    By Cathie Miller, Ph.D. Jun 12, 2018
    At this year’s 110th AACR, Immuno-oncology was the topic of many discussions including seven out of eleven plenary sessions. Biggest of all was the lung cancer plenary session that discussed potentially standard-of-care-changing results from Merck, BMS, and Roche in relation to PD-L1 biomarker-related first-line treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Read More >


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