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    AACR 2018 – Hot Topics

    By Cathie Miller, Ph.D. Jun 12, 2018
    At this year’s 110th AACR, Immuno-oncology was the topic of many discussions including seven out of eleven plenary sessions. Biggest of all was the lung cancer plenary session that discussed potentially standard-of-care-changing results from Merck, BMS, and Roche in relation to PD-L1 biomarker-related first-line treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Read More >

    Tissue Variety in Breast Cancer Research

    By Samantha Bussell Sep 08, 2016
    Resistance to estrogen-deprivation therapy is common in ER+ breast cancer tissue. To better understand this evolution to resistance, genomic characterization of multiple primary tumors is imperative for comprehensive results and identifying therapeutic targets ( For researchers, attaining samples that have been confirmed for diagnosis and receptor expression supports the inherent need for accuracy in tissue characterization. Read More >


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