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FFPE or Flash Frozen? Working with Human Biospecimens In Research

By Samantha Bussell / Oct 12, 2016

It’s imperative in clinical trials, exploratory studies, proof of concept analysis, and research & development to attain samples which are best suited for desired outcomes. Both processing types preserve specimens well, but which to leverage is contingent upon intended application.



  • Can be stored at room temperature for long durations of time
  • Cost-effective
  • Beneficial for IHC staining
  • Widespread availability


  • Formalin is toxic and generally unsuitable for molecular analysis
  • Processing protocols are not standardized, leading to samples being processed in differing manors. It is important to have a biorepository that implements stringent QA and QC processes

    Flash Frozen


    • Well suited for molecular analysis; such as DNA/RNA quality and extraction as well as gene expression and sequencing
    • Preserves specimen integrity and molecular viability
    • Well suited for mutation analysis


    • Deteriorates at room temperature
    • Elevated shipping cost
    • Unsuitable for IHC staining

    Which preservation method do you prefer when conducting research? Why?

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