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    North American ISSX Meeting Wrap Up

    By Lauren Vagnone Jul 26, 2018
    The 22nd North American ISSX meeting was held this year in Montreal where scientists joined together to discuss issues in drug development.  Hot topics included transporters, pharmacogenomics, and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).  The transporter session included lectures on kidney and hepatic transporters and potential association with drug-induced liver injury (DILI). Read More >

    September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month!

    By Lauren Vagnone Sep 19, 2017
    ‘Awareness’ on its own is a very poignant noun and cleverly selected for the observance of the disease focused months. Initially suggesting a recognition of the fact, right up to an intricate understanding and knowledge of the disease, September’s awareness campaign encompasses the leukemias, lymphomas and myelomas of this world. Whether we grew up learning of their existence from a true heart-breaking sick relative story or a fiction-penned “Love Story”, the majority of us can recognize their names. Read More >

    Top Anticoagulants, Mechanisms & Usage Recommendations

    By Lauren Vagnone Aug 23, 2017
    Choosing the right blood anticoagulant is a critical factor in the success of downstream applications with plasma, platelets, or cells. Certain anticoagulants can have deleterious effects on molecular assays, inhibit specific enzymes, alter cellular morphology, or interfere with coagulation. The anticoagulant mechanism of action directly determines the suitable recommended applications. Comprehending and utilizing the appropriate anticoagulant will contribute to a more accurate measurement or successful cellular assay. Read More >

    Research and Discovery Process in Drug Development

    By Lauren Vagnone Nov 15, 2016
    BioIVT understands the importance of the R&D process, as there are multiple methods that can be leveraged from concept initiation to drug delivery. In an effort to assist in the advancement in personalized medicine we would like to break down the different validation methods that can be leveraged in offering patients faster diagnoses, fewer side effects, and better outcome prior to initiating pre-clinical trials. Read More >

    Leveraging Human Tissue for Cell Type Conversation

    By Lauren Vagnone Aug 15, 2016
    Direct reprogramming of somatic cells has tremendous potential to advance applications in disease modeling, drug discovery, and gene and cell therapies. A study conducted by Duke University which depicts the plasticity of cells and their ability to “reprogram” for differing functions. Read More >


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